Clearwater Beach, FL – Sister/Cousin Trip

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My sister and I decided to take just our older girls for a long weekend to Clearwater Beach Florida and we had so much fun! We stayed at the Hilton, Clearwater Beach Resort, which is right on the Beach, right near the main pier. And because we’ve stayed there before I knew to request a room on the pier side of the building so we could have views of sunset, beach and city life.

Its such a perfect location walking distance to the beach, tons of restaurants, shops and the pool is perfect for families with a sun deck and shallow end, a bar and restaurant and they play poolside movies at night.

Our first day we spent on the beach in the sunshine, where else when you’re from Buffalo and haven’t seen the sun in months? We had a great mother daughter day, and our cousin’s from Tampa came up to join us for some play time in the sand and in the pool. It was my niece Savannah’s first time ever at the beach so the girls had so much fun together.

The first night we walked down to one of our favorite spots, Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill, its right on the beach, with awesome views. There is almost always a wait but you can wait with your toes in the sand. We didn’t wait to long but unfortunately after a long day of travel with two little girls, and a day in the sun our dinner was a bit crabby and Ada so was tired she actually fell asleep at the dinner table.

The next morning we all woke up early and decided we had a bit too much sun yesterday and decided to spend our second day at the Florida Aquarium. This is a favorite of ours and its so nice because they have a museum/aquarium share program where certain zoo or museum memberships are accepted for discount rates at other places. So we have a BOGO deal since we have an annual membership at our local Buffalo Zoo.

The girls LOVED the aquarium, there is so much to see and its right in downtown Tampa so its easy to get to and lots of cool places to eat right nearby.

After our morning at the Aquarium we were all ready for a late lunch but the food there wasn’t doing it for us, its the usual chicken fingers and burger stuff. Instead I knew about a neat place called Sparkman Wharf, its a waterfront outdoor dining and play space. Tons of food truck type dining, and a giant grassy area with room to run, play, picnic, or take in scenic waterfront views. Highly recommend this spot for something a little different and something perfect with kids who don’t want to sit still at a table in a restaurant.

After, we headed back to Clearwater for a little pool time and a stroll on the beach at sunset. We were going to try and make it back down to the pool for the movies but everyone passed out in bed watching their ipads and we called it a day!

Our last day we had a late night 8pm flight out, so we had the whole day to enjoy still, but since we had to check out of the hotel at 11am, we didn’t want to get sandy and wet at the pool, so instead we strolled the pier, played on the playground, and got some Ice cream. Around 4pm we found an awesome restaurant that was on our way to the airport, it had a long wait, so we played outside then enjoyed our last waterfront dinner. Its called Bahama Breeze Island Grill, such a cool, tropical atmosphere and its only about 10 minutes from the Tampa International Airport.

We had such a fun weekend away. A couple days felt like a long time away when we both had another little one at home waiting for us. I think both our big girls had a great time feeling like an only child for a little while and I think its so important that we give each of our kids a little quality one on one time. Once the younger ones get a little older we’ll take them on a special getaway too.

Coming Soon, I’ll finish up the video of our trip on my YouTube Channel.

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