Bahamas Cruise

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I recently did a solo trip with my girlfriends and left Dad at home with the girls. It was my first time leaving Holly! Everyone survived!

We did a long weekend getaway and sailed down to the Bahamas from Miami. I love cruising this way, it gives me the satisfaction of taking a cruise without being stuck on a boat for a full week! Our first day, we boarded a little after lunchtime and spent the afternoon eating and drinking by the pools. Of course, in matching cruising tank tops!

I’ve known all these ladies since high school and some from elementary school! That’s over 25 years of friendship right there!!


This chica has been my bestie since college!

Day 2 was supposed to be at Coco Cay, Bahamas, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean but due to rough waters we were not able to take the small tender boats into shore that day. (The weather didn’t seem bad at all but I’m gonna trust they knew what they were doing, even though they slightly ruined a chunk of our trip)!

Day 3 was by far the best and the part I was most looking forward to. We booked an excursion to Atlantis, Bahamas and spent the day at Aquaventure. Its pretty pricey but soooo worth it in my opinion. I’ve never been a waterpark person, or even any water for that matter, but this place has completely changed me! This was my second time there and its soo much fun, I haven’t laughed that hard in a looong time, and it just makes you feel like a kid again! Here’s a short sneak peak clip from the full video I posted to my YouTube channel.


And of course a few favorite pictures from the beach after our waterpark adventure! If you’ve never done Atlantis, I highly recommend it.  I can’t wait to take my girls there, although because it is expensive I plan to wait a few years until they can actually enjoy some of the waterparks too. But the kiddie areas looks fun as well!



We had tons of fun on the ship as well, a couple of the girls did the Trampolines, we did the waterslides that go over the edge of the ship (not as exciting after being in Atlantis though) we ate in the dining room every night during My Time Dining, which meant we could go whenever we wanted to, we didn’t have to have reservations, perfect way to do it if you don’t want to rush up from the pools or islands each day.

And I think we spent most of our time on the ship sitting on the edge of or in this hot tub!




Such a fun weekend getaway. It was important for me to spend some time with friends and away from my kids. Being a stay at home mom now, I feel like I get mommy burnout pretty easy and it was really nice, especially after the holidays to have some me time. I felt sad leaving my girls, and its always so hard to leave them in someone else’s full time care, (even if it is dad or grandma – its still not me) but everyone was fine. Everyone was alive and thriving and I felt refreshed and ready to start momming full time again!!

Here’s one more favorite picture from the weekend! Formal night! We didn’t even plan our outfits but how coordinated are we?!!


You can watch the full video here. Yes we had a few drunken nights and I had to embarrass everyone just a little, but man did we have fun!!

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