Some things never change

This post will be more fun for anyone who knows our family well, but the other day I was scrolling through some old pictures of Ada as a baby and I realized I have some really familiar ones of Holly, so I started grabbing pics that we unknowingly recreated with both kids and it was amazing to see how similar they are and how some things just never change!!

Grumpy Ada Snuggled in her blankey
Little Holly snuggled in the same blankey after bath.
Morning snuggles for Daddy and Ada
IMG_3211 2
Morning snuggles with Holly
Ada helping mommy work from home
Holly helping me check my email
Ada napping with Dad
IMG_1272 2
Holly napping with Dad – I’m seeing a trend with Daddy here!
1379361_816439257491_1661798337_n (1)
Giant oversized baby binkies – Ada
Little Holly
Baby Burritos at bedtime – Ada
Baby Burrito Holly

And one last one, can you tell which one is which?E3A7D627-0335-48D8-A5E6-9E71161AC88C

I love having two little girls, they are so similar and so different at the same time. I cannot wait until Holly grows up a little more and we start to see more of her personality come out. If she is anything like Ada then she is going to be one awesome little chicky! I feel so blessed to have two perfect healthy beautiful babies!!

(Bonus if you can guess which one is which in the featured image as well!!)

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