Introducing Holly Noelle

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I haven’t shared anything in awhile but we’ve been busy with our newest little one! We welcomed our second little girl into the world on March 12, 2018 just one day after Daddy’s birthday! We were scheduled to be induced on March 13th but thankfully Holly decided to come on her own the morning before.

My water broke at home around 4am. I waited (against my husbands better judgement) until about 7am to call my doctor and when I got to the hospital shortly before 8am I was already 5cm.  We hung around for awhile suffering through contractions until I finally got an epidural just before 1pm and Holly greeted us with her presence at 1:25pm, barely allowing enough time for the epidural to kick in!

We welcomed a perfect 8 lb. 20 inch little girl, and she has seamlessly become the best new member of our family!




Ada has been the best big sister in the world! There hasn’t been any jealously or resentment towards her sister at all. She loves her so much and has been the perfect amount of helpful and independent so that we could focus on keeping this tiny new person alive. My heart explodes with joy when Ada talks to Holly and snuggles her close. As Holly gets a little older now, She’s almost 4 months, I can already see how much she is going to idolize her big sis. She lights up when Ada gets in her face (which is sometimes a little too close), she knows Ada’s voice and even responds to her name. She will lie on the floor next to Ada and listen to her read books or sometimes they just lay there and talk and Ada is one of her favorite snuggle buddies in bed in the morning.



IMG_3282I have loved more then anything else being a mom of two. We’ve had our share of challenging moments and as a family we are still trying to figure out how to balance everything. I went back to work at 10 weeks so that I could use my last two weeks by taking off every Monday this summer, allowing us to ease back into everything. It has been nice to have Monday’s off after a crazy weekend so that I can get everything back in order, do laundry and grocery shop, although not every day goes according to plan when a baby is calling the shots. We’re easing into summer mode now and hopefully some new family adventures coming up!!



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