Christmas Week – 2017

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Another Christmas has come and gone, our last one as a family of three and while the holidays ran me right over this year, we really did have a great Christmas hosting all our family and friends in our new house.

I wore myself right out on Christmas day, to the point where I literally made myself sick and poured myself into bed 2 seconds after the last person left and felt like I was dead. I even made Ada have her milk and watch her movie IN my bed with me because I could not move.

Christmas Eve morning we woke up to a fresh snowfall that made it look like the perfect winter wonderland outside! Which really made it feel like Christmas!


We started out hosting a friends brunch on Christmas Eve morning. We started this tradition about 3 years ago with our friends when we all realized that nobody does anything until the evening. The older the kids got, we started doing a gift exchange and its just become a fun tradition for us to kick off Christmas (in our Pjs)!


We did Christmas Eve at my parents house, which is what my family has done for as long as I can remember! I’m actually thankful that Dan’s family doesn’t do much on Christmas eve and we don’t have to double up on anything because Christmas Eve in my family has always been the bigger deal for us. We had a small family so everyone would get together Christmas Eve and then Christmas day was just a quiet day at home for us.

Its fun because my family is growing, so with more and more kiddos running around its starting to feel like it used to with all the crazy!! We did manage to get some good family pictures though!IMG_2891 2IMG_0772

Christmas Day was the killer for me. Ada woke up at 5:30am and came into our bed. She was too excited to go back to sleep, so she asked to watch The Santa Clause in our bed, she didn’t ask to go downstairs and see what Santa brought though, which I was shocked, until about 7am. She knows the morning routine so well that she just wanted to watch a movie in bed and drink her milk.

She got everything on her list which was only about 5 things, but the big one was the new bike! She also LOVED her Hatchimal which was not on her list and something “Santa” thought she would like! (He was right!!)



After the morning chaos, we cleaned up and BOTH our families we’re coming over for the afternoon and Christmas Dinner. Ada didn’t quite make it to dinner before she passed out!


Everyone pitched in for Dinner bringing something so that I didn’t have to make a whole meal, and I had such anxiety over making the Meat, that I recruited my dad to make the best beef tenderloin anyone ever had. It got rave reviews! So dinner was a complete success and I just had to open my house to everyone and clean up afterwards. I’m thankful that our family made that part so easy on me. I think the combination of being on my feet all day, eating sweets, dips and junk food and trying to keep up with cleaning as we went along all day just did a number on me. I felt so sick, my back and feet were sore and swollen, my stomach felt so tight and heavy and I just felt like I was going to die! A good night sleep and everything was all good again in the morning. And the new bling from my husband certainly helped me to get over the pains of Christmas! I’m one lucky girl!

IMG_8935 2

We had a few days to recover, luckily I took the day after Christmas off and was able to work from home the rest of the week leading up to New Years. The Friday before I took off as well. We do an “Adults day out” one day between Christmas and New Years every year, where we send the kids to school and take the day to ourself. Usually we do a wine tour, but with a couple preggos in our group this year, we opted for Brunch and one of those Escape Rooms, we did a Harry Potter themed one, which was really fun!


That night, I hosted my best friend Katie’s baby shower at my house with a small girls night. We didn’t go too crazy, so it wasn’t a stressful event or anything. About 10 girls, lots of food, some wine and a good old fashioned game night.

IMG_7407IMG_9179IMG_9313 2

New Years was also pretty low key, we just had some friends over and did lots of eating and hanging out. There was a Buffalo Bills Game on TV, which consumed most of the day followed by a win that took the Bills to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years so New Years kinda centered around that!

We tried to get the kids to go to bed after a 9pm fake New Year countdown, but no such luck, instead they decided to torment us all night and then fall asleep on top of us at 11:54pm. Next year, we get a sitter!!


It was a great holiday week. The best part was that everything we did, Ada would say she couldn’t wait until next year when our baby could be there with us! I couldn’t agree with her more. It was nice to have one last Holiday with just Ada, and being that she is at the perfect age for Christmas, we had so much fun with Santa and her Elf on the Shelf, but we can’t wait to spoil two little girls next year! And also to NOT be pregnant and enjoy the holiday’s like everyone else… With a full wine glass and some spiked egg nog!!









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