Leading up to the Holidays – 2017

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What a blur the holidays were this year. Since we didn’t get back from all our travels until mid December I felt a bit behind on getting festive, so we crammed a whole lot into the 2 weeks leading up until Christmas and then did a ton of hosting over the Holiday weekends. Being this pregnant made for an exhausting couple weeks, but it at least made the time go by fast and now I can say I’m happily floating through the third trimester and we are only 8-10 weeks away from meeting our newest little love! If you want to see how things are going with the pregnancy you can follow me over at All Kinds of Happy, my baby blog! I’m just going to recap the lead up to Christmas on this post today because otherwise its going to get pretty long winded. I’ll recap the Christmas and New Years week in a new post soon.

As soon as we got home from California we went out and got our tree. Since we moved this year, we weren’t sure where to go, but found a great place close to home that had lots of real trees to chose from. Ada was excited to help pick one out!


She was also especially excited to help Daddy put it up in the living room and help with all the decorations! Including her very own tree that she put up in the playroom!IMG_5033IMG_8851IMG_8457

My sister and I have been taking the girls to the Niagara Falls Culinary Center for a couple years now, which Ada loves. We get to visit Santa, decorate cookies, make an ornament and write a letter to the North Pole and mail it to Santa. Its a free event, with the exception of a couple dollars to get tickets for the cookies and the ornaments so its a really cheap way to entertain the kids.


We also took Ada on the Polar Express Train ride the weekend before Christmas which I think is her very favorite part of Christmas time!! She looks forward to it soo much, and we watch the movie over and over again leading up to it and afterwards!


We had a few holiday parties to go to, (not as many as usual) and we had to skip some due to scheduling conflicts, which wasn’t the worst thing. We also had Ada’s Holiday pageant at school where they sang Christmas songs at the top of their lungs for 20 minutes straight! It was adorable and the same thing we’ve been hearing her sing at home for over a month! She did awesome, despite being super nervous about everyone watching her leading up to it!


We did lots of other festive things too, like make cinnamon rolls and decorate them with sprinklesĀ that Elf on the Shelf brought!


Watch Christmas movies on repeat in front of the fireplace!


Decorate our new home with fun stuff from Homegoods!!


And of course wrap lots of presents, Ada style, which challenges your parenting and OCD on whole new level!!


I’m glad the holidays are now over, but I look forward to sharing my next post highlighting all the fun entertaining and hosting we did. It was a lot, a lot more then my pregnant self could keep up with. But we had a great Christmas and enjoyed every moment leading up to it!!

What are some fun things you did for the Holidays?

How do you let your children be involved in getting ready without freaking out over how their 4 year old self does it and how you would do it? Its a constant battle for me to let it go!!


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