Coronado Bay, San Diego, CA

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I realized I never finished our three part California trip series. I got caught up in the holiday madness and now that its all over I’ll recap the last and most relaxing part of our Cali trip.

We left Dan’s Sister’s apartment Monday morning when they had to go back to work. Waiting until rush hour was over, we left around 10:30am and headed from Anaheim to San Diego. We made a pit stop in La Jolla to see the sea lions too. It was a bit underwhelming, Ada had just woken up from a nap in the car, Dan was doing a work phone call on his headphones and I wasn’t feeling good, so we just stopped, took a few pictures and got back in the car.



It took just about 2 hours to get to Coronado Bay and as soon as we pulled into The Del at Cornonado Beach, we knew this was the real “Vacation” part of the trip. The valet took our car and unloaded all our luggage for us. We did curbside check in and someone walked us to our room.

We had an AMAZING view from our huge balcony, this was a view at sunset our first night!


We spent our first day snuggling and playing at the Beach. It was a bit chilly, but of course that doesn’t bother Ada at all. We explored our resort and discovered that everything at the hotel was way over-priced. We got suckered into $25 salads the first day, but the second night we decided to drive into Coronado Bay and we did dinner at the Coronado Brewing Company. Way more food, for much better prices!


Dan’s Sister Becky and her boyfriend Dave decided to make the most of our time in Cali since we knew we wouldn’t be seeing them again until probably the Spring. So they drove up after work Tuesday night and came to hang out with us at our hotel. Dan appreciated having some people to go out with that night, since Ada and I crash early, but they sat on the patio and enjoyed wine and then headed out to a bar downstairs at the hotel for a little bit.

Our last day there was my favorite day! It was the warmest day we had pushing 80 in the sunshine so we spent the day swimming in the hotel pool, soaking up the sun on our balcony and exploring more of our old historic hotel. IMG_8663


The Hotel Del Coronado had some awesome holiday events going on, but everything was so expensive and nothing was included which was a bit disappointing. They had marshmallow toasting on the beach, but it was going to cost us almost $200 for our family of 3, and the ice skating was so crowded every night because they had school groups and holiday parties going on, even on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It was fun to watch, but we promised Ada we could do those things at home, and fortunately she was fine with that!


We really enjoyed our stay the the Hotel Del Coronado, would definitely come back again, but we’ll do less eating at the hotel and more exploring of San Diego and Coronado Bay, especially since we had a car. It was a beautiful property, very high end, and a very relaxing end to our long California trip and final babymoon for just the three of us!! We’ll also come back when its a bit warmer out!!


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