Spontaneous Tampa Trip

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We decided on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to surprise Dan’s family in Tampa the day after Thanksgiving and we somehow managed to pull it all off. We booked everything in a matter of about an hour after I joked to Dan that “For only $3k we could fly down to Tampa Friday morning for the weekend”. Turned out Dan had a lot of Delta points on his account because of all his business travel this year and he booked the three of us on the first plane out of Buffalo on Black Friday! We had let his one brother know we were coming just so we could make sure the timing of when we got in was good and when they were home, also so we knew we had a place to sleep once we were there. So he was the only one that knew we were coming.

Everyone else was shocked when we pulled in the driveway! But Dan’s parents were especially happy to have almost all the family together for the whole weekend!

We went into St. Petersburg for the rest of the day when we first arrived on Friday and just walked around the bay, got some lunch, drinks, ice cream, let the girls run around at the big Christmas tree and in the park and even had a family hula hoop session before we left for the day!


Friday night, we had a sibling night out, while Dan’s parents offered to stay home and put the girls to bed for us! (Minus our sister Becky, who we’d be visiting in Cali the following week)!


On Saturday, we started out with a walk to the playground and Tampa Bay, followed by an afternoon at the beach, which was so nice and unexpected. I had planned to be picking out our Christmas tree that day but instead we were sitting in the sunshine, playing in the sand.






We did a family dinner out that night, then said our goodbyes as we were on a plane and back in Buffalo by 6pm Sunday night!


It was so fun to have everyone together for a couple days. My sister in law who lives in Tampa is pregnant as well and due 3 weeks behind me, so it was fun to be with them one time while we were both pregnant. The next time we see them we’ll both probably have a newborn! We already have our May trip to Tampa booked. We’ll have about an 8 week old, but we planned a trip with friends so we’ll stop over and stay with them for another night or two. We waste no time getting back in the travel game after having a baby! At least next time we have some advanced notice on that trip and we can plan ahead a little better, but spontaneous was really fun too!




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