Our new house!

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We just bought a new house and we’re finally getting settled in. Moving while in early pregnancy and with small children is NOT FUN! We listed the house just days before finding out we were expecting. We’ve been trying for awhile to get pregnant with #2, so when we listed the house we had no idea it would all be happening at the same time. I’m a firm believer though that everything happens for a reason and this all worked out exactly as it was supposed to for us!

BUT getting ready for a move in your first trimester is rough. I was sooo tired for the first 4-8 weeks, like couldn’t make it though the day without a nap tired. Then around 6 weeks I got hit with morning sickness. This luckily only last about 3 weeks and only once did I ACTUALLY get sick. I was just super nauseous all the time or any time I was hungry, which was almost always, but I had no appetite, which meant I just stayed nauseous!

We had dozens of showings and about 3 open houses. The house did not sell as quick as we thought it would and we had lots of people coming through for second and even third showings, but no offers. I was at my wits end. Having to keep a picture perfect, clean house all the time with a small child, when you feel sick all day is not good for anyone! It was such a frustrating process, and one we’ve been through several times, so I knew what to expect, but it did not make it any easier. Look how cute our house was though!?

old house

Ada calls it the green house and it was a small cape cod. We redid the kitchen, bathroom and put a beautiful deck on the back. We just listed at a bad time of year, right after the Fourth of July apparently people are busy enjoying their summers and not buying houses.


Anyway, it did sell! And we managed to find our dream house the same week it sold which allowed everything to line up pretty well. Here we are on our new front porch on closing day! Our new house is way better!

New house on closing day

Everything has gone incredibly smooth with this move. We rented a POD which sat in our driveway for about 3 weeks while I slowly packed up (I would try to choose one task a night to complete – some nights better then others) and then Dan would load the POD up. Finally on closing day we had it moved to the new house.

Using Pods when Moving
Such an eyesore, but very convenient

We had the POD unloaded mostly the first day we were in the house, then the next day we had friends and family come over and help us load the big furniture that was left in the old house (beds, couches, washer & dryer etc) into a UHaul truck that I rented.

Here are some pics from moving day, lots of stuff everywhere!!

Moving day - HallwayMoving Day - Master bedroomMoving day kitchen

Moving Day Bed Set up
Dad had an awesome helper to get the new bed set up

We are very settled in now. Still some things that need to be done and we have yet to figure out what we want on the walls and where before we start putting holes everywhere, but it feels like home.

Its nice that I am now in mid second trimester, which is the golden phase. I am feeling great. I have a decent amount of energy and motivation which means things are getting done.

I’ll do a home tour post once we are a bit more settled in an have things figured out. We are getting there but we still have a lot of empty walls, and almost the whole house is painted in the same color. Its a decent color, but we need to freshen things up a bit still.

What are your thoughts on moving? Huge pain or a nice change? We’ve moved 3 times in the last 5 years, I’ll be the first to admit its a huge pain, but it alway feels good to purge and really clean things out! Our goal in this new forever home will be not to accumulate 20 years worth of “Stuff”.






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