Our family is growing!

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We are so excited to officially announce that our family is growing with another little girl! Due to arrive March 2018!


Ada is beyond excited, (after the initial shock) to be a big sister! We told her back in August that we were having a baby and she was elated followed by a half hour of tears. Our mistake for telling her at bedtime! The gender reveal went about the same way, she was so excited to find out and after wanting a baby brother for a hot second we were met with another half hour of tears! She has wanted a sister the entire time and the last 2 weeks the girl decided she wanted a brother, so when she got a sister, this was the reaction…..


Poor girl, the emotions of being four are just too much to handle sometimes! I’m happy to say that she is now extremely excited and cannot wait to have another girl in the family. Dad had the same reaction as Ada when he found out it was another girl (kidding, but not really!) I guess I was the only one excited to pull out all Ada’s old clothes! I’m excited to dress them in matching outfits and torture them when they are teenagers, just like my family growing up, all girls!

We did a quick family photo shoot after the gender reveal, but it took so long to calm Ada down after all the tears that we cut it short! I was afraid we were going to have bunch of tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes from Ada, but I think they still turned out cute! Enjoy!

Maternity (2)

Maternity (26)

Maternity (28)

Maternity (30)

Maternity (25)

Maternity (35)

Maternity (36)

Maternity (37)

Maternity (41)

We’re almost halfway there so we’ll have lots more exciting baby news as we move forward!

How did your gender reveals go? Did your older kids get what they wanted? Kid reactions are my favorite! Share your story or how you revealed your baby gender!


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